Ivy Geranium in a yellow painted bamboo planter

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Design details : Flowers throughout the year and is a very colourful addition to your balcony.

Dimension : 1'-0 long bamboo planter

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Ivy Geranium: Is a easy to care house plant that can be your talk of the house through its elegance in hanging as well as perpetual flowers! This one has been potted in a bright yellow hanging planter. 

Light: Thrives in strong outdoor light. 

Soil: Loamy with excellent drainage. 

Watering: Water every day. Be careful to not let the soil drain away.

Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once in 15 days is needed for continuous flowering.

Repotting: Will be necessary when the plant outgrows this narrow planter.

Speed of Growth: Medium.

Care: Make sure you trim old leaves and fallen flowers to ensure good growth and flowering.


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