Blushing Bromeliad in Ceramic Pot

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Design details : This plant is potted in a mustard Indian ceramic octogonal pot.

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Blushing Bromeliad (Neoregelia Tricolor) : A tropical beauty to behold, these bromeliads are very short statured and make some awesome table plants. 

Light: Indirect light or moderate shade. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Water: Keep water in the central cup. Change water frequently with clean water to prevent rot. 

Soil: Any kind of soil is suitable. They need soil only for support.

Propagation: Gives forth babies regularly. Cut these and plant them to grow into mature adults.

Repotting: Mature bromeliads should not be repotted. Smaller bromeliads can be potted into small containers until they are established.

Green tips: The two best tips for success are these: make sure the plant is potted adequately so it won't pull over the container and provide ample warmth and humidity. 

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