Purple Knight

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Design details : We have planted this beauty in a clay pot and can be ideal gifts.

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Purple Knight (Alternanthera dentata) This dark-leaved, tropical foliage plant loves heat, and is useful spreading through a bed, border, or in a container where its deep purple leaves can contrast with brightly colored flowers or foliage.

Light: It can survive in full light as well as semi shade.

Soil: Fertile loamy soil with good drainage. 

Watering: Likes to be watered everyday.

Feeding: Any organic manure or mild NPK every week is good for shining leaves.

Repotting: This is needed if the plant has outgrown its pot. It's a good idea to repot in Spring.

Tips: Purple-ruby foliage that is almost black. Performs well in high heat, where its color deepens and becomes richer.

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