Lucky Lotus Bamboo

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Design detail : Placed in a White Ceramic pot.

Size : Pot: 4" wide; 4" high Plant: 6"-9" high

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Lotus Bamboo (Dracaena compacta) : This beauty is planted in a white ceramic pot. It is set in white smooth pebbles.

LOtus bamboo look beautiful in modern minimalist living rooms. 

Light: Best in shaded areas or indoors near a well lit window. It suffers if there is too much or too less light.

Watering: Water once in 3 days.

Humidity: Average humidity is good. It likes watering on its leaves.

Feeding: Light feed once in 6 months

Repotting: Once in 2-3 yrs, you may want to change the container if there are too many roots! 

Speed of Growth: Very slow 

Height / Spread: Increases in height by a couple of cms every year.

Greener tips: Good aeration and occasional stop in the shower helps the plant glow :)

Also to set things right, these plants belong to Dracena spp and not Bamboo as is widely considered!

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