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Succulents in Glittering Shot Glass (Pack of 25)

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What you  get in this gift pack:

  • Plant in shot glass with customised sticker
  • A colourful handmade paper bag
  • Plant care instructions

How to send customisation details:

Once you place the order, our representative will call you for logo and other details needed for prints etc.

 Care Details:

Succulent Shot (Assorted Succulents) : We choose succulents that are very elegant  and slow growing. They thrive in desks and offices near well lit windows.
Planted in a Shot Glass of with a total height of 4.5 inches, makes it a handy-gift! 

Please Note : Succulents have a seasonal availability and the varieties sent are subject to change.

Light: Moderate light is needed. But never in deep shade.

Soil: Sandy with excellent drainage

Watering: Very low watering. Succulents are more tolerant to under-watering than over-watering. Water once a week.

Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once in 2 months is more than sufficient.

Repotting: This is not normally needed, but if the plant has produced lots of offsets or it has outgrown its pot it's a good idea to repot in Winter.

Propagation: It produces babies close to the main plant. Use a sharp knife and separate them from the main plant to propagate them.

Speed of Growth: Slow.

Flowers: Blooms are stunningly simple and are often missed.

The product photograph is indicative in nature.  We try and adhere to the picture as much as possible, however the actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability.
We hand deliver our products with the greatest care possible.

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