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Vertical Garden (4 X 2 Ft)

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Pine Wood Frame : 4 Feet X 2 Feet

Potted Plants : 18 various tropical plants in plastic hanging pots

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Vertical Garden (4 X 2 Ft): Is an eclectic mix of various tropical plants aligned vertically which comes to you in a beautiful Pine Wood Frame holding 18 potted plants!

Light: Thrives in good light - preferably bright indoors or in east balconies.

Soil: Sandy, Peat soil

Watering: Water alternate day / depending on moisture inside pots. Water directly to the base of the plants and allow to overflow. 

Feeding: A weak all purpose water soluble feed once a month is sufficient

Re-potting: If the plants have outgrown their pot it's a good idea to repot in Spring or to pluck out its baby plants and trim the mother.

Speed of Growth: Mixed - Slow to medium. 

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