Hanging Bulb Terrarium (Big)

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Design Details : A succulent cluster arranged aesthetically in a bulb shaped terrarium.

Size Details : Bulb Height: 9" , Width: 6". Comes with a string attached.

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Hanging Bulb (Open Terrarium) : A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed or open container. Inside a terrarium's walls, many natural processes may be observed: photosynthesis, respiration and the water cycle. These hanging orbs creates a unique ambience at your living spaces.

Watering:This bulb shaped glass terrarium is a cluster of succulents. Water once a week or when most of the soil appears dry (turning light brown).

Light: Succulents like plenty of direct light. They do well placed near a window that gets good direct light for most of the day like a west or a south facing window or a balcony.

Maintenance: Needs little maintenance if well lit and watered. 

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