Hanging Hook Terrarium

Rs. 1450 Rs. 1280 ( % Off )

Bowl Dimensions : 8 Inches Height | 4 Inches Opening

Metal Stand : 12 Inches Height

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Hanging Hook Terrarium (Succulents) : This beautiful Hook Terrarium comes with a set of elegant Succulents, 8" Bowl and 12" Metal Stand.

Watering: Succulents live in arid environments and need very little water, especially when grown in a terrarium. You can spray them with a light mist every week, or water them every other week with a tiny bit of water by dripping water near the roots. It is much better to underwater than overwater these plants, as overwatering can lead to rot, which will kill the plants. If the plants are not getting enough water, their leaves may start to shrivel and droop a bit, but they recover quickly once you water them.

Light: Succulents like plenty of indirect light. They do well placed near a window that gets only indirect light for most of the day. Too much direct sunlight will burn the plants as the terrarium can get very warm.

Maintenance: Succulents require little maintenance. To discourage rot, it is best to remove fallen leaves from the terrarium. It is also good to allow the terrarium to receive fresh air from an open window when the weather allows.

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