Pink Flamingo Flower in Ceramic Pot

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Design details : This plant is potted in a mustard Indian ceramic oval pot.

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Flamingo Flower (Anthurium Pink) : True to its common name of painter's palette, Anthuriums are now available in almost every color of the palette. Anthuriums perhaps belong to a small group of houseplants that are treasured both for their flowers as well as their rich foliage. 

Light: Good light is needed, but you must always avoid direct sun. Shaded balconies, patios are the best places.

Water: Keep the plant constantly moist. Water everyday in all seasons.

Humidity: Loves humidity in the air. Mist the plants regularly. Misting also helps in reducing the dust that tends to get collected on the large span of their leaves.

Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once every 2 weeks is necessary for regular flowering. 

Repotting: Anthuriums grow profusely if well cared for. So you can repot them every year during spring.

Propagation: They produce offsets regularly. Remove them while repotting and voila ... each grows into a  new plant!

Flowers: They flower very often and each flower lasts a long long time (upto 30 days). They flower throughout the year!

General tips: Anthuriums are good office-goers. In offices, put them near a window and the moderated temperature will work wonders on the flowers!

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