A rectangular wooden frame holds 2 tubes filled with Money plants

Money Plant Tubes

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Height X Width (Pot) : 5" x6"

Best for : Small intimate spaces indoors.

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Money Plant Tubes : A rectangular wooden frame holds 2 beautiful tubes filled with Sciandapsus species (Money plants). An endearing design for minimal designer living rooms or bedrooms.

Light : Needs partial sunlight and can be kept on Writing Desks, Windows etc.,

Soil : Thrives on water.

Watering : Make sure the water level is always maintained till top. Change the water once in a couple of weeks.

Feeding : A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

Re-potting : Will be needed when all plants seem to outgrow the pot. Also the long stems can be pruned regularly

Speed of Growth : Fast.

The product photograph is indicative in nature.  We try and adhere to the picture as much as possible, however the actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability.
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