ZZ Plant in Red Ceramic Pot

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Height of Pot : 5.5 Inches

Width of Pot : 4.5 Inches

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ZZ Plant in Ceramic Pot (Zamioculcas Zamifolia) : A graceful green plant, this Zamioculcas Zamifoliais good for partial shade and is planted in a red Indian ceramic pot.

Light: It can survive in partial light.

Soil: Sandy, Excellent drainage. 

Watering: Very low watering. These are drought resistant, yet need good watering to thrive. Water once in 3 days in summer and space it even further during monsoon and winter.

Feeding: A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

Repotting: This is not normally needed, but if the plant has outgrown its pot it's a good idea to repot in Spring.

Propagation: Through leaf cuttings.

Speed of Growth: Slow.

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