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Bougainvillea : Very hardy, drought tolerant sun-lovers, Bougainvilleas are woody ever-flowering plants. They are beautiful when grown in large planters and can be a great visual garden element in your garden or in your balconies. This floral wonder is in a terracota pot in 2 different sizes.

Light: Thrives well in full sun as well as partial shade. However, when kept in full sun, the plant tends to flower profusely and also tend to have shiny leaves.

Soil: Very well drained compost mixture. 1 portion manure; 1 portion peat and 2 portions sand

Watering: Is a drought resistant plant, but when in flower (which is always in an adult), water everyday. Do not let the water stagnate, they hate wet feet.

Feeding: A good all purpose feed once every week is needed for regular flowering.

Repotting: When it outgrows the pot, you can re-pot. Else repot once in 2-3 years.

Propagation: Propagate by stem cuttings.

Speed of Growth: Fast

Flowers: Well cared plants give forth regular flowers

Height / Spread: Depends on the container. When planted in the ground, it can spread upto 20 ft high too. But in containers, they tend to be around 5-6 ft wide and high.

Tips: You can grow these plants in very many different ways, they can droop from a height to a beautiful sight when you plant them in a balcony. They can also grow up as a trellis around your patio, they can be a beautiful hedge plant too in bigger gardens.

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