Geranium in Terracotta Pot

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Geranium (Pink) : Geraniums make excellent window baskets and this pot is specially potted in a ribbed round terracota pot tailor-made to suit the drooping flowers.

Light: Geraniums needs direct sunlight to flower profusely. Ideal places are open terraces or gardens. In case of apartment dwellers, any balcony that receives good 4 hrs of direct sunlight is suitable.

Soil: A good mix of red soil and manure is needed for Hibiscus to thrive.

Watering: Water everyday.

Feeding: A general NPK feed/ organic manure every 2 weeks is needed to flower continuously

Repotting: Repotting is recommended every spring.

Propagation: Can grow out of stem cuttings if good care is given. 

Speed of Growth: Moderate to fast

Flowers:  A regular flower bearer. Attracts bees and butterflies and hummingbirds.

Greener tips: You must cut back all the flowers after they are dead to keep the plant bushy and healthy.

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