Miniature Jade in Ceramic Pot

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Design Details : Comes in 3 Inches (Height) X 3 Inches (Width) Ceramic Pot with Jade Plant.

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Miniature Jade (Portulacaria Afra Variegata) : These are pretty identical to Jade plants . They are ideal to be gifted as house-warming plants and are supposed to bring good luck. The fact that these lovely plants are not at all demanding, seem to add to their appeal.

This medium sized miniature Jade is planted in a square Indian ceramic pot -- 3 Inches (Height) X 3 Inches (Width)

Light - Place him in bright light or under in-direct sunlight to see him happy! But never place him in deep shade. 

Soil - Sandy with good drainage

Water - Very less. Water once in 2 days during summers and once a 4 days in winters

Helpful Tips - Like Jades, these too hate pampering and do not tolerate over-watering. Let the pot dry completely between watering.

These miniatures can be trained to become excellent Bonsai of the Cascade & Forest grove style.

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