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We currently deliver in Bangalore only.
We currently deliver in Bangalore only.

Chamaedorea Palm in 4 inch Ceramic Pot

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Ceramic Pot Size : 4" x 4" Inches

Chamaedorea elegans (Parlour palm) : If you are looking for a graceful, green, easy to maintain indoor plant - your search ends here. Being a hardy palm, this plant is slow growing and survives in low light is ideal for the living rooms or bed rooms. 

Light : Medium amount but consistent light is needed, but you must always avoid direct sun. North or east facing balconies/ windows should bring about the magic. 

Watering : Water only when the soil starts to dry out. 

Humidity : Loves occasional misting.

Feeding : A weak all purpose feed once every 2 weeks is necessary for glossy and bright leaves. 

Re-potting : May be essential only once in couple of years.

Propagation : The easiest way is to divide. In plants that are well cared for, division is easy.

Speed of Growth : Slow. Reaches a  max height of about 4'-0 to 5'-0.

Air-purifying: This plant cleans the indoor air of toxins like benzene, and other chemicals that are present  in aerosol sprays.

Tips: These plants do not like too much sunlight or too much water. Protect from both.

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