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Mini Cactus Spheres

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Design Details : A Cactus is planted in a transparent spherical bowl.

Size : 4" tall; 3" wide.

Plant : Echinocactus grusonii (golden barrel cactus)

Mini Sphere : This window sill cactus is planted in a glass barrel in a bid to enhance the beauty of the cactus.

Sunlight : Place your cactus in a bright area with strong direct or indirect sunlight, (ex. windowsill, well-lit workstations).

Water : Cacti need very less water and needs to be watered once a month or after the soil becomes completely dry (turns light brown))

Maintenance : Over watering and under lighting is the most commonly seen problems with the plant. As in most cases, underwater this plant & expose to good light.

The product photograph is indicative in nature. We try and adhere to the picture as much as possible, however the actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability. We hand deliver our products with the greatest care possible.