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We currently deliver in Bangalore only.
We currently deliver in Bangalore only.

Money Plant in 3.5 inch Grey Cem Pots - Mughal Lattice

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Current price Rs. 350.00

Design Details : A hardy Money plant is planted in this low weight cement planter with geometrical design. 

Size of pot: 3.5" wide; 3.5" tall

The Grey Cem Series is a mix of minimalist and traditional design, in light weight cement. Hand-poured with tremendous patience, these are eclectic pots that can easily be used as focus points in your indoor decor.

Money Plant (Scindapsus Aureus) : The money plant variety is an easy to grow, hardy indoor plant. It is a very good air purifier and cleanses the surrounding off toxins. Available in creeper version as well as a miniature versions that can be placed on workstations. 

Light : Well-lit places where it receives filtered sunlight is a good spot for these plants.

Soil : A good mix of regular loamy sandy soil. It should be well drained.

Watering : Likes the soil to dry up a bit between watering. Always test the soil for moisture before watering. Once in 2-4 days is ideal for all round the year except summers.

Humidity : Average humidity is good. It likes watering on its leaves.

Feeding : A general NPK feed every month is needed to be luscious and green.

Re-potting : Repot it when it fills the pot over time and the plant kind of overflows. Repot preferably during spring. 

Propagation : Very easy to propagate via stem cuttings ... either place them in water or in sandy soil. Both have a good success rate.

Tips : This guy needs to be shaped to look good. Cut run-away shoots and train per your requirement. Informal pinching always helps. 

The product photograph is indicative in nature. We try and adhere to the picture as much as possible, however the actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability. We hand deliver our products with the greatest care possible.

Do mail or call us in case you want this customized.