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VermiCompost Organic Manure

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VermiCompost is made using Desi Cow's Dung, EarthWorms which help in converting to this amazing Organic Manure!

You get 2 kg of VermiCompost in this order. (1 Packed Bag of 2 kg).


  • Helps retain Soil Moisture and improves Soil Aeration.
  • Helps produce Chemical-Free Plants / Vegetables.
  • Boosts growth of plants and enhances the nutrient content of soil.
  • Best Organic Manure for all types of Ornamental Plants and Kitchen Gardens.
  • There will be no side-effect as the product is 100% natural.


  • For already Existing Pots - put 2 handfuls of VermiCompost and spread evenly on Soil, before watering thoroughly.
  • For use as Potting Mix - Mix 1 part of VermiCompost to 3 parts of Garden Soil.
  • Apply to moist soil during early mornings or late evenings.