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We currently deliver in Bangalore only.
We currently deliver in Bangalore only.

Baby's Tears in Hanging Pot

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Baby's Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) : Baby's Tears plant gets its name from the tiny, round leaves cascading down slender, fragile stems. This elegant beauty has been potted in a plastic hanging pot.

Light : Medium amount but consistent light is needed, but you must always avoid direct sun. North or east facing balconies/ windows should bring about the magic. 

Watering : Keep the plant constantly moist. Water everyday in all seasons.

Humidity : Loves humidity in the air. Mist the plants regularly. 

Feeding : A weak all purpose feed once every 2 weeks is necessary for glossy and bright leaves. 

Re-potting : Repot when the plant kind of overflows from its pot.

Propagation : The easiest way is to divide. In plants that are well cared for, these ferns can grow very fast and you can propagate more plants every year.

Speed of Growth : Moderately fast if well taken care of.

Tips : These plants loved to be fussed around. So put them under a shower, mist them regularly.

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