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Money Plant in Wooden Wall Planter

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Wooden Stand Size : 12 Inches

Bottle Size : 6.5 Inches

Money Plant In Wooden Wall Planter : A rectangular wooden L frame planter holds an eclectically designed bottle filled with Scindapsus species (Money plants). An endearing design for minimal designer living rooms or bedrooms.

Light : Needs partial sunlight and can be hanged in balconies, well lit indoor walls, kitchens and even well lit bathrooms. 

Soil : Thrives in water.

Watering : Make sure the water level is always maintained till top. Change the water once in a couple of weeks. You can also introduce a guppy fish or two. 

Feeding : A weak all purpose feed once a month is more than sufficient.

Re-potting : Will be needed when all plants seem to outgrow the pot. Also the long stems can be pruned regularly

Speed of Growth : Fast.